Maxxis Tires

maxxis tires

Whether you know it or not, Maxxis has been in the tire business since 1967.  They are one of the most trusted tires brands in the whole world and their customers are global…coming from over 170 countries.  They employ over 28,000 people and strive to make the tires that you want with the performance you demand at a price you can afford.  Does that sound good to you?

Why don’t we take a look at a few of them?

M8060 Trepador

This is a tire for the extreme off road enthusiast.  The tread design is both aggressive and directional which means that the traction is excellent whether you are on the road or on the trails.  The siping is multi curve giving you improved traction when you are on slippery surfaces or loose dirt...

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DIY Lift Kit Installation for the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

jk wrangler with lift kits

Welcome to the Wrangler world!

When you are off-roading, there are boulders that can be scaled and others that can confront other problems. That is why some extra inches of clearance will give you greater security and balance as you confront these trail obstacles. The Jeep Wrangler is the workhorse in many off-road trailing courses and one of the best ways to customize it for these punishing rides is by installing lift kits to add extra clearance.

For you to change the tires, you can choose to pick up a Lift Kit.  Here are different types of lift kits:

  • Body Lift Kit: The Jeep sits on a frame, and in between there is something called a body mount that splits the Jeep in two parts...
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Jeeps Parts Catalogs


If you are a current Jeep owner or if you are thinking about getting a Jeep then you might want to get on the mailing list for a parts catalog.  This short article will inform you of the reasons for doing it, how to do it and what they can do for you.

Why should you get one?


Maybe you are not the type of person who does upgrades and repairs on your vehicle but instead will pay someone else to do it for you.  How do you know that you are getting the right parts at the right prices?  A parts catalog can help you with this.  If you are the type of person to do your upgrades and repairs yourself then you will want to keep abreast of the latest things available and know how and where to get them when you need them.  Both of these are good reasons to get a Jeep parts catalog subscription...

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Dissecting The Qualities of Bestop Jeep Seat Covers

wrangler jeep seat coverWhen it comes to tested quality for Jeep seat covers, the Bestop brand is a top of the line brand. It only uses materials that can suit the driving needs of Jeep owners, particularly those that are into hard core off road driving. For their top of the line Bestop seat cover, here are some of their top sellers.

Bestop High Back Front Seat Covers.

Most of the high back front seat covers produced by Bestop are specifically designed for the 1997 to 2002 Jeep Wrangler TJ models. The material for this type of front seat cover is made from grade vinyl. Completing its design is its deep embossed center panels providing for back contour. What’s good about the Bestop high front seat cover is that it can be easily installed even without having to remove the Jeep Wrangler seats...

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The importance of Super Swamper Tires

interco super swamper tiresMade by Interco Tire Corporation, Super swamper tires are known and trusted by many drivers who want durable and quality tires. There are many varieties of these super swamper tires available depending on the needs of the vehicle owner.

Super Swamper tires enable drivers to drive safely by improving tire grip as well as improving traction. In the TSL radial swamper tires for example, there is reinforced ply body under the tread and wraparound lugs which provide extra traction and protection. The sidewalls of the Bogger TSL super swamper tires on the other hand add puncture and tear resistance to the tires.

Apart from safety, these tires are long lasting. This durability enables them to be cheaper in the long run...

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How to Contract Hire a 4×4 campervan

Campervans are the ultimate in comfortable travelling, if you are going to some faraway place for a camping trip with your family, or on a business trip. They come with kitchens, bathrooms and a wide array of entertainment options. With a pop up roof that can be opened to let in fresh light and air, they are the ultimate vehicle for camping enthusiasts, and long distance drivers.


Understandably, with all these useful utilities and features, 4×4 campervans can be quite expensive. Unless you are a camping veteran, or frequently drive large distances, buying a campervan may not be financially viable for you. Apart from the high cost, they can be expensive to maintain, and long drives result in wear and tear that may be costly to repair. So what if you find yourself planning a camping trip to a faraway place, or facing a sudden work trip in the neighboring state?

There is, of course, the rental option.

These days, 4×4 campervans are readily available for hire, and you can contract them online, or call a hiring agency. For infrequent use, the rental option can save you a lot of money. Here are a few tips for makin...

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Volkswagen 4×4 Camper Vans From the USA

VW vans are a classic staple of American culture. Not only is it a great vehicle for transportation, it is a symbol of pride that seems to have transcended all bounds of race, colour and age. Everyone loves 4x4VW campervans, and for a small family on the road, nothing can do better. The smaller interior is better and easier to maintain than that of a large RV, and of course, the smaller size makes these vehicles easy to maneuver on the roads.


This vehicle is a super car from the past. The split window model, often fondly called the “Splitty” is nothing short of a classic. It was a staple of the American culture, as it represented the free spirited pride of this independent country. In recent times, the Splitty has faced competition from the Bay window models. Another classic is the Wesfalia campervan, known colloquially as the “Westy”. The Westy was so popular, and so fondly pursued that it soon ran out of stock in VW dealerships, and this gap in the market gave rise to the “Riviera” from a company in Oregon. This is another intelligently designed 4x4campervan, and today is has quite a large following, although it is not as popular as Westy.

Volkswagen has sold many 4x4campervans in the UK too. But the weather of the United Kingdom is just not suited for these cars, and the constant drizzle has caused many of these classics to rust. In contrast, in America, where these cars are well-loved and the weather conditions are a little more amicable, one can even find many of these Volkswagen 4×4 campervans in their original paintjob.


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Basic Facts About 4×4 camper vans

A camper van is a type of vehicle that has been designed especially with the needs of a camping veteran in mind. It offers great mobility, and a good place for sleeping and accommodation. Many people actually prefer camper vans more than motor homes, as they are smaller and much easier to move about and control while driving.


Coming with an amazingly broad range of utilities and comfort options, a 4×4 camper van is truly nothing short of a much underestimated super-vehicle. A camper who loves the outdoors, or a person who likes to live it rough, or anyone with an interest in a rugged vehicle that can handle anything and anybody should definitely try out a 4×4 camper van.

A campervan is chocked full of useful features that make it a truly great vehicle for camping purposes. They come with very comfortable beds that will never make you feel like you’re ‘roughing it’. Additionally, they have a pop up roof, which, when opened, can provide further accommodation for two more people. With functional kitchens, bathrooms and a wide array of entertainment options available, a camper can really be your ‘home away from home’.

Who can find a camper useful? Well, just about anyone, if you come to think about it. The extreme comfort and ease of travelling will mean that all your camping worries are put to rest. If you go to faraway places a lot, a camper could really do you wonders, as you will no longer have to worry about hotels, accommodation, the whole nine yards. Campers a...

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4×4 camper vans and Motorhomes – What’s the Difference?

Camper vans and motor homes are something any traveler should consider. Featuring unparalleled comfort and luxury, they truly give you a dream journey. Anyone who is travelling some distance for business or pleasure should consider giving campervans or motorhomes a try. The large space and homely features such as a kitchen, bathroom and a wide array of entertainment options give them a solid edge over any other form of transport. Additionally, you no longer have to worry about accommodation, as the campervans and motorhomes can be a comfortable place to stay the night in.


But how exactly do you differentiate between campervans and motorhomes? Actually, it’s rather a question of size. Both campervans and motorhomes can be classified as recreational vehicles, and recreational vehicles can be categorized into three broad types, according to size:

Class A Motorhomes: These are about 21 to 40 feet in length. They are the largest sized motorhomes, and they make some of the most popular and useful portable homes out there. Built on a heavy duty frame (such as those of commercial trucks and buses, they provide a complete housing solution, and can comfortably accommodate from 6 to 10 people. The driving part of these motorhomes is separated from the living part. The kitchen, bathroom and recreational facilities are all top class

Class B Motorhomes: These are colloquially known as the campervans. They come in lengths of 16 to 21 feet. They look a lot like vans, and are actually built on the frame of a van. They are the smallest option for motorhomes. There is no separation between the driving area and the living space. However, these vans are very easy to maneuver, and can easily be parked even in your driveway.

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Is a 4×4 Sprinter Your Next Expedition Camper?

4×4 sprinters can be rather exciting. Providing all the comforts and utilities of a classic motor home, they have the further feature of being cruiser vehicles that can really reach unbelievable speeds. Furthermore, their aerodynamic design ensure that a maximum fuel efficiency is maintained. As any motorhome resident is painfully aware, fuel costs can be a big issue for these homes, so a sprinter version of a 4x4campervan can be really be a dream vehicle.


Unfortunately, sprinter vehicles were a rarity in America. Apart from the Sportsmobile 4×4, and the gigantic European MAN and Iveco RVs, there weren’t many options in the North American market. Many DIY enthusiasts like to craft their own 4×4 sprinter, of course, but that is neither a viable option for everyone, nor is it a particularly safe venture.

Enter the new 4×4 sprinter conversions. Two different companies in America specialize on this option, and they have now made 4×4 sprinters available for all north American camping enthusiasts.

Both these companies use...

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